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Chatting about Joe, music and the arts, and "Into Your World" on the Uniquely Human Podcast

I often use the phrase "it's a pleasure and an honor" to show my appreciation to those with whom I'm making music or taking on some other arts/education/language related endeavor. It's never just rattled off - I use it sincerely - but what an enormous understatement it is to say that it was my pleasure and honor to take part in the latest Uniquely Human Podcast with Dr. Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and New York Times best-selling author and speaker Dave Finch. You can listen to the episode here: Autism and the Arts

Dave, Barry, and I discussed Joe's content personality, how we came to realize he was autistic, the support we received by special friends Amanda Friedman and Dave himself, and how their very words eventually inspired me to compose "Into Your World." If you haven't yet heard the piece, here are two exceptional performances by Providence College's I Cantori and the Brockton High School Concert Choir

Dave and Barry are two of the most inspiring and engaging people I've ever known. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to count myself among the millions that they've come to help with their words and their compassionate spirits. Thank you, Barry and Dave, for the opportunity to share about Joe, "Into Your World," and for being part of this beautiful and mysterious journey.

Here are a few more links about Dave, Barry, and Amanda:

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