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Into Your (Joe's) World

Updated: May 29, 2018

Joe, autism, Into Your World

It's been a while, I know; life and such. But it's always about crying loudly and laughing even more loudly, no? Being thankful, too, and I'm sincerely thankful to everyone who has come to listen.

In case you haven't had a chance to check out "Into Your World," please do so. Please share the link, too.

Special thanks to David J. Finch, Amanda Friedman, and T.J. Harper. Words are not enough.

Much love and warmth,


Joe, autism, Into Your World

P.S. About the piece (same info from the video):

In April of 2017, my son Joseph Celio was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Feeling unsure of what to do and even how to feel, I reached out to a few good friends who work un the autism field. 

Their advice was simple and inspiring, and their words immediately took root in my heart and mind, especially the phrases 'he's not broken' and 'get into his world.' 

They promised this would be an amazing journey, and it has been exactly that. Joe, an amazingly content and achingly sweet child apart from his autism, has made wonderful progress and has taught me how to connect with him in ways I never thought possible.

The following choral composition, which I hope will raise awareness about autism and neurodiversity, was inspired by Joe. His expressive humming (which he often uses in place of words), his infatuation with spinning circular objects, and the way he enjoys tilting his head are all purposefully integrated into the text and music.

This composition is dedicated to Joe and all who share his sweet and guileless mind and spirit.

Joe, autism, Into Your World

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