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New from Mike Kregler: i carry your heart (for SSA and piano)

I'm incredibly honored and excited to share the news that "i carry your heart" for SSA choir and piano is now available for purchase from Santa Barbara Music Publishing as part of the preeminent Jo-Michael Choral Series (click here to purchase:

This well-known E.E. Cummings poem is one I always dreamed of setting, long before I bumped into the excellent art song version by John Duke. Since then, a great number of writers have been inspired to match their notes up with these amazing words. From the first syllable to the last, the sentiment is otherworldly yet sincere, immediate. A very good friend referred to the poem as cosmic. That it is, and I do hope that my sounds are earnest enough to approach supporting, rather than detracting from, that remarkable characteristic.

The recording (click here to listen: was made by the newly-founded Coro Buena Nota and is one of the finestI've ever been fortunate enough to obtain. I cannot wait to make more music with them!

Finally, it seems fitting to admit that much of my recent work has been influenced by a certain musician I have come to adore (no hyperbole there, none at all). I will subtly go ahead and reveal the initials of the artist: RS. If you figure it out, know that I'm humbled to dare to borrow a few RS "tactics" here and there.

Thanks to all for sharing and for supporting my music! It's really quite humbling to have this work published. Be kind, be generous, be real, and don't forget to write!


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