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"Problem?" Managing Reactions to Various Behaviors

Joe autism problem blog Kregler Michael C.
Joe having a "problem?"

I probably spend too much time differentiating between neurotypical behavior and that of "non-neurotypicals." For example, when my son Joe goes looking for food scraps in the garbage bin under the sink, I'm obviously compelled to attempt to modify this behavior, redirect him to another activity, etc. Yes, I do so in a manner informed by his being autistic, understanding that he does not necessarily connect in a "typical" way to hearing a simple "no." But this doesn't mean that I just back off and let him sample the textures and flavor notes of coffee grounds and eggshells.

So, while I am fascinated by autism and am always developing ideas and strategies for managing associated behaviors, I do tend to over-categorize. It might even be described as tunnel vision, which is likely best employed, ironically, when driving through tunnels. The result? I end up getting agitated by a situation that I myself, in a way, have exacerbated. The combination of factors have trolled me, if you will.

troll problem Michael C. Kregler
a face synonymous with trolling

Therefore, in the spirit of sharing strategies, I'd like to repost a great blog entry by my pal Ethan from The Journey Through Autism. I think he does a great job here discussing the perception of the problems we face and how we can be more conscientious with our reactions. What's more, I find it to be really useful for everyone, both "atypical" folks as well as us boring, "typical" types. ;)

Thanks for a great post, Ethan, and thanks to all for reading! Please share and subscribe!

Much love and warmth to all,


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