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Doctored Words, Neglected Notes

I firmly believe that many of the so-called opinions voiced via article, post, tweet, etc., are often modified – or even feigned altogether – in order to be polemical. In other words, lots of writers exaggerate and/or lie because it effectively creates controversy. The timing, usually, is painfully obvious.

My wife, Dr. Mary Ellen Kregler, is a well-trained and knowledgeable flutist and music educator. She is exceedingly well-liked and respected by her students, partly because she is amiable shows concern for their welfare, but also because they duly recognize her

academic achievements. She is also modest, not minding being addressed by her first name, though they are well aware – as am I, by virtue of seeking degrees at the same institution as Mary Ellen – that she is indeed Dr. Kregler. She deserves the title and then some.

Ay, to be successful yet also intelligent, humble, and kind - is that still a thing? I’m not really sure. Despite being an avid news avoider, the nonsense can still manage to reach me. However, I’m also an optimist at heart, so the latest noise compelled me to refocus my energy on studying music by women composers. There is a great deal of it,

written by the likes of Clara Schumann, Cécile Chaminade, Nadia Boulanger, her sister, Lili, Amy Beach, and many, many others, but too often it goes overlooked.

So, here is a recording of a very fine composition by Clara Schumann, No. 1 from Vier flüchtige Stücke (Four Fleeting Pieces). I hope you enjoy it.

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